Karl Marx is accused of being outdated by the champions of a capitalism rapidly reverting to Victorian levels of inequality.
- Terry Eagleton (via redplebeian)
The steel-hard English vandguardist in the 1970s who piously informed me that he derived his theory from his practice was no doubt convinced that he had arrived at his preference for Luxemburg’s theory of imperialism over Hilferding’s by selling socialist newspapers outside Marks and Spencer every Saturday morning. A naive historicism of knowledge is no answer to a suave theoreticism of it.
- Terry Eagleton, Lenin in the Postmodern Age (via revjalen)
A socialist is just someone who is unable to get over his or her astonishment that most people who have lived and died have spent lives of wretched, fruitless, unremitting toil.
- Terry Eagleton, Ideology: An Introduction
If people do not actively combat a political regime which oppresses them, it may not be because they have meekly imbibed its governing values. It may be because they are too exhausted after a hard day’s work to have much energy left to engage in political activity, or because they are too fatalistic or apathetic to see the point of opposing the regime; or they may spend too much time worrying about their jobs and mortgages and income tax returns to give it much thought. Ruling classes have at their disposal a great may techniques of ‘negative’ social control, which are a good deal more prosaic and material than persuading their subjects that they belong to a master race or exhorting them to identify with the destiny of the nation.
- Terry Eagleton, Ideology: an introduction, p.34

(Source: itsworsethanthat)

Modern capitalist nations are the fruit of a history of slavery, genocide, violence and exploitation every bit as abhorrent as Mao’s China or Stalin’s Soviet Union. Capitalism, too, was forged in blood and tears; it is just that it has survived long enough to forget about much of this horror, which is not the case with Stalinism and Maoism.
- Terry Eagleton, Why Marx Was Right (via carnivorousdreams)

A collection of Leftist quotations, sayings, and aphorisms.

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